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July 2, 2023 PRESS RELEASE

Now available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and more…

What do you get when you cross exclusive, never-before-seen footage of Robin Williams with a funny, streetwise New York comic-turned-Hollywood-sitcom-director, whose legendary storytelling skills deliver a combination punch that doubles the laughs?


A comedic gem called Eye of the Storm, a feature documentary that has amassed a treasure trove of recognition and awards from national and international film festivals and is now being distributed by Bay View Entertainment onn Amazon Prime, Apple TV, GooglePlay and YouTube.


A tour de force conceived, produced and directed by Brooke Harris Wolff, this film documents the storied showbiz career of Howard Storm, best known for directing Williams in the first three season of his breakout series Mork and Mindy.

"It’s the little documentary that could,” said Wolff, who self-financed this labor of love on the proverbial shoestring budget, stretching that string to its max.


Since its completion, Eye of the Storm has won winning Best Documentary awards, along with another 24 top awards, and was shown in 60 film festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, Chicago and Miami while expanding its international appeal in Paris, Cannes, London, Oxford, Rome, Florence, Milan, Berlin, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.


Both hysterical and historical, Storm shines as the Maestro of Mirth in this laugh-filled biopic that steamrolls through five decades of American comedy with tales from vaudeville (including a clip of Storm’s comedian father performing a classic vaudevillian sketch with him on The Merv Griffin Show) through the mob-ruled era of nightclubs (highlighting the famed Copacabana) to the sitcoms of the 70s and 80s — all the while incorporating the spontaneous antics of a young Robin Williams performing at his improvisational best.

And oh what stories this master raconteur exuberantly recalls, sharing personal anecdotes about a small galaxy of stars including Robin Williams, Judy Garland, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Woody Allen, Zero Mostel, Valerie Harper, Garry Marshall, Don Rickles, Richard Lewis, Penny Marshall, and Cindy Williams.

Highlighted by spontaneous outbursts from Robin Williams interwoven with vintage clips from classic TV shows and films, Eye of the Storm is Wolff’s first venture into filmmaking. A seasoned writer by trade, she found herself repeating “I think I can, I think I can," successfully transforming the little documentary that could into the hilarious documentary that did.


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Eye of the Storm – Festivals and Awards

  1. Vegas Movie Awards (Best Documentary, Best Comedy, Award of Excellence)

  2. 2023 ARFF Paris – International Awards (Best Documentary)

  3. Paris Film Awards (Gold Award – Feature Film)

  4. L.A. Sun Film Fest (Best Feature Documentary)

  5. International Independent Film Awards (Platinum Award)

  6. FILMHAUS Berlin (Best of Fest 2021 Award)

  7. 8 & HalFilm Awards (Best Documentary Feature)

  8. Florence Film Awards (Best Feature Documentary)

  9. London Movie Awards (Best Feature Documentary)

  10. Rome International Movie Awards (Best Documentary Feature)

  11. RED Movie Awards (Best Documentary)

  12. CIFM International Film Market (Best Documentary, Best Actor, Best Indie Filmmaker)

  13. Sweet Democracy Film Awards (Best Documentary Feature)

  14. Costa Brava Film Festival (Best Documentary)

  15. Into the Wild Film Fest (Best Documentary, Best Indie Documentary)

  16. Austin International Art Festival (Award Winner)

  17. Accolade Global Film Competition (Award Winner)

  18. WRPN Women's International Film Festival (Outstanding Excellence)

  19. Depth of Field International Film Festival (Outstanding Excellence)

  20. The IndieFEST Film Awards (Award of Recognition)

  21. New York International Women Festival (Finalist)

  22. Big Apple Film Festival (Finalist)

  23. Big Apple Agents and Managers Networking Lab (Finalist)

  24. Hong Kong Indie Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)

  25. Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)

  26. Los Angeles Film Awards (Semi-Finalist)

  27. Chicago Indie Film Awards (Semi-Finalist)

  28. Gold Movie Awards (Semi-Finalist)

  29. Dumbo Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)

  30. New Filmmakers Austin (Semi-Finalist)

  31. Kansas Arthouse Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)

  32. Atlanta Movie Awards (Semi-Finalist)

  33. Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival (Nominee)

  34. Milan Gold Awards (Honorable Mention)

  35. War of Films (Honorable Mention)

  36. Cannes International Cinema Festival

  37. Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival

  38. Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival

  39. Julien Dubuque International Film Festival

  40. Vancouver Independent Film Festival

  41. Montreal Independent Film Festival

  42. Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift

  43. Toronto International Women Film Festival

  44. Miami Independent Film Festival

  45. Seattle Film Festival

  46. LA Independent Film Channel

  47. L.A. Indies

  48. LA Femme International Film Festival

  49. YoFiFest, The Yonkers Film Festival

  50. Boston Independent Film Awards

  51. 2021 Oxford International Film Festival

  52. Miami Indie Film Awards

  53. Hamburg Film Awards

  54. London Filmmaker Awards

  55. New York Movie Awards

  56. California Indies

  57. New Wave Cinema Awards

  58. Toronto Film and Script Awards

  59. Marina del Rey Film Festival

  60. MAGMA Film Festival


He has directed Robin Williams and Jim Carrey, played with Woody Allen. The true story of Howard Storm in the documentary made by Brooke Harris Wolff

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A feature documentary, Brooke Harris Wolff's Eye of the Storm chronicles American comedy by tracking the career of standup comic/director, Howard Storm.

Read the Full Interview on Paris Film Awards

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