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Our Story

Umpy was founded by Brooke Harris Wolff and William D. Wolff to produce and promote their film, TV, writing, and music projects as well as the works of others.

Brooke Harris Wolff

Brooke Harris Wolff has been a screenwriter, a member of a standup comedy duo with Wally Dalton, an improv acting teacher, a lyricist, a music producer, and a songwriter (her original songs can be heard on her album, The Last Broad Standing). Recently, she completed a sibling memoir (Growing Up Harris); a graphic novel, The Best of All Possible Worlds, with a story co-written by Rick Carter and illustrated by Talia Spencer; a novelization of her screenplay (Killing Time in Beverly Hills); and compiled a collection of her short stories and poems (The Powers That Be).

She is the executive producer of the album, These Are the Times—a one-of-a-kind musical, for which she wrote the lyrics. The music was composed by the phenomenal Grant Johnson. It is available for purchase as a concept album on iTunes, Amazon and other music venues.

Eye of the Storm is the first movie Brooke produced and directed. A feature documentary, it chronicles American comedy by tracking the career of standup comic/director, Howard Storm. It has been shown in 60 festivals, won 44 awards and is being distributed by BayView Entertainment on Amazon, Apple TV, GooglePlay and YouTube.


She plans to base future films on her own screenplays. Meanwhile, she keeps writing, producing and directing.

William D. Wolff 


William D. Wolff has been a professional jazz and blues guitarist for over 30 years. He recorded and performed with such luminaries as jazz legend Charles Lloyd, Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, Albert King, Steve Cropper and Jack Nietszche.


William was signed to exclusive recording contracts with Epic Records, Columbia Records, Atco Records and Shelter Records. He studied with a number of top-flight teachers, including Joe Pass, Ted Greene, Eddie Arkin and Jimmy Wyble. William studied music theory at Los Angeles City College, where he played in their world-renowned Studio Jazz Band.

William  just completed an album of his original jazz compositions, featuring world-class artists such as Tom Scott, current Yellowjackets members Russ Ferrante and Will Kennedy and former Yellowjacket member Jimmy Haslip.


In addition to Petri Place, William has written seven feature film screenplays, seven TV episodes and one book.  Here is a partial list of his writing awards:


Contest                                                      Award

Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute             1st Place

Jury of Your Peers                                       1st Place

Telluride Indie Fest                                      Winner

Spec Scriptacular                                        2nd  Place

People’s Pilot                                                2nd  Place

Breckenridge                                                3rd Place

BDR New Millennium                                  Top Finalist

Screenwriting Showcase Awards             Finalist/Special Mention

Script Magazine/Open Door                      Finalist

Hollywood Symposium                               Finalist

Blackleg Zero                                               Finalist

Santa Fe                                                        Finalist

New Century Writers                                   Finalist

Austin Film Festival                                     Semi-Finalist

William’s That’s Afterlife!  was for several years the #1 award winning comedy screenplay on

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