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Screenwriting four Geniuses

Screenwriting four Geniuses is a biting satire of the world of Hollywood filmmaking. Ostensibly a parody of self-help books, it purports to teach its readers how to effortlessly make millions of dollars by writing blockbuster screenplays.

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Radio Rider Activity Book

A companion to the Radio Rider album.

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An Offering of Fruit. 


Included in a wonderful selection of writing is a short story by Brooke Harris Wolff—"The Big Rip.”

Fantasies Demons & Lovers


Find several of Brooke’s poems in this volume.

Published by Cold River Press

The Wave That Did Not Break

Jonathan Harris’ emotionally impactful book of poetry, a poignant dialogue between son-poet and deceased mother-poet. Published by Tebot Bach Press.

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Dream Drive

A delightful 60-page poetry collection by Los Angeles poet Jonathan Harris with dreamscapes of childhood memories and complex relationships. Originally published by Night Ballet Press. Soon to be republished by Umpy Books.

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Mother Liberia

Jonathan Harris’ funny and poignant novel based on his time serving in the Peace Corp in Liberia. Originally published by Vantage Press. Soon to be republished by Umpy Books.

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Award-Winning Screenplays by William D. Wolff
  • The Alchemist

  • Arnold

  • The Certainty Principle

  • Sign of the Times

  • Soft Money

  • That’s Afterlife!

To read a complete screenplay, please contact Umpy.

Screenplays by Brooke Harris Wolff

Please contact Umpy.

Threat Matrix 

Threat Matrix is a jazz album featuring original tunes by William D. Wolff (and one by Grant Johnson). In addition to William on guitar, it is performed by acclaimed musicians, including Tom Scott on saxophones, Russell Ferrante and Grant Johnson on keyboards, Jimmy Haslip on bass, William Kennedy and Larry Zack on drums, and Brad Dutz on percussion. 

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The Last Broad Standing

The Last Broad Standing is a tongue-and-cheek collection of eclectic music, featuring improvisational actor Brooke Harris Wolff. It features original material written by Brooke and her partners, as well as three covers—all performed by terrific musicians.   

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The Attica Tapes 

The Attica Tapes was unearthed from an old box in a garage and has proven to be a historically significant album. Recorded in 1971, it captures William D. Wolff and his musical partner, Jesse Barish, performing at Attica in the first show that took place there after the prison riot.​

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Radio Rider

A delightful children’s album, Radio Rider takes kids ages 3 to 7 on an adventure in Radio Land, where music abounds and anything is possible.​​​

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Petri Place

William D. Wolff created a country of germs called Petri Place and had his vision of this zany civilization rendered to show how it could amuse kids of all ages.

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A Film by
Brooke Harris Wolff
Starring Howard Storm
Featuring Robin Williams

Now showing on Amazon Prime and Apple TV among other venues, this award-winning documentary distributed by BayView Entertainment pays homage to the art of comedic storytelling. TV director Howard Storm recounts hilarious stories about his career and the stars he encountered—including Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Zero Mostel, Woody Allen and more. Woven through this biopic is rare footage of a young Robin Williams performing his unique style of improvisation.  

Film & TV

Books & Screenplays

Including independently published works and recommended readings

Umpy is a free-spirited company offering a variety of creative ventures that celebrate the imagination.

Film, Music and Literature

Listen to the love story of our times! In a newly created album, this jazz-rock opera tells the poignant tale of a couple split apart by their beliefs.

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Art: Tanya Tull


The Best of All Possible Worlds

An updated version of Voltaire’s Candide, this satirical fantasy is written by Brooke Harris Wolff, with a story by her and production designer Rick Carter, and illustrations by Talia Spencer.

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These Are the Times


Killing Time in Beverly Hills

Take a noir journey through 1967 Los Angeles as a homicide detective investigates the murder of one of Beverly Hills’ leading citizens.

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growing up Harris Cover crop.jpg

Growing Up Harris 

Growing Up Harris tells the story of four siblings — a sister and three brothers. The descendants of Hollywood storytellers, each of the Harrises narrates their own childhood journey in this nonfiction book with a Rashomon-like effect.

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